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Rose Luxe is a Place where Timeless Masterpieces Emerge from Roses and we delicately weave dreams into reality, petal by petal.

Design is

in Full Bloom

The CEO of Rose Luxe Collections, was inspired to start a successful business by her enthusiasm for interior design, which fueled her extensive study. 

Rose was driven to offer distinctive elements in order to make a contribution to the design business as an aspiring interior stylist. Rose Luxe Collections, which is happy to be a part of the decor wing of the interior design industry, currently serves clients across the United States thanks to Rose's enthusiasm and certification in interior design from an award-winning HGTV host. We have achieved great success from the beginning because of our imaginative designs and first-rate customer support. Look around our website to see the most recent designs and projects! 


Design Consultation

Expert advice and Professional direction

Ideal for individuals who are seeking creative advice and professional direction regarding an interior design/decorating project or complete renovation.



A virtual interior decorating option

Offering a convenient and affordable alternative. We are able to work with clients anywhere in the world because the design process is done entirely online! At the end of the process, clients will receive a custom designed space to meet their style, budget and overall needs.

Full Service Design

A professional companion for your design project

We will lead you through and manage every step of your design project, from clarifying your vision to implementing final touches on your space. By closely collaborating throughout the process and maintaining steady communication for the project’s duration, we’ll create a room, space, or entire home that is tailored to reflect, celebrate, and serve you well.


Our Features

Voyage LA

"I want readers to understand that with Rose Luxe Collections, having a beautiful home doesn’t require immense wealth. What matters most is taking that initial step, and with Rose Luxe Collections, we focus on the small details that eventually culminate in bringing our clients’ full vision to life. We firmly believe that everyone deserves comfort and luxury, and we would be thrilled to embark on that transformative journey with you."


Our Features

Shoutout LA

"I now make an effort to treat my calendar like a well-designed space by being patient and proactive. Set aside specific time for client meetings, work projects, and creative activities, making sure that the day is balanced. I’ve discovered that, because I genuinely enjoy working on projects, I might get carried away and have to set boundaries to protect my personal time and avoid burnout. I’m discovering a rhythm that fits my work and personal obligations, much as in design, where harmony is essential, to create a more balanced and satisfying business."

Prince C. 

"Had a great experience working with Erynn on my recessed wall. Highly recommend."

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