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Erynn Rose

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Interior Designer


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About Erynn Rose

Meet Erynn Rose, the visionary CEO behind Rose Luxe Collections, where timeless masterpieces emerge from roses and dreams are delicately woven into reality, petal by petal.

Erynn's journey into entrepreneurship was ignited by her passion for interior design, sparking a relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise in the field. Driven by a desire to offer distinctively curated elements, Erynn embarked on a mission to leave her mark on the design industry as an aspiring interior stylist.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Erynn has positioned Rose Luxe Collections as a prominent player in the decor wing of the interior design industry. Her dedication to her craft, coupled with her certification in interior design from an award-winning HGTV host, has propelled the company to serve clients across the United States.

From imaginative designs to unparalleled customer support, Rose Luxe Collections has enjoyed remarkable success under Erynn's leadership from the outset. Explore our website to discover our latest designs and projects, and experience the essence of luxury redefined.

Professional Portfolio

March 2024

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

June 2023

Location: Venice, CA

The Croft Project

Step into a world of rich elegance and moody allure in this project adorned with deep brown hues and luxurious velvets. The atomospheric character of thr space invites you to indulde in a cozy and sophisticated ambiance, where every corner excudes warmth and refinement. 

The Penmar Project

Modern beach house design with a harmonious blend of comfort, open spaces, and a calming color palette inspired by the natural elements of the coastal environment. This style incorporates large windows to maximize ocean views, minimalist furnishings, and a focus on natural materials like wood, creating a serene and sophisticated coastal retreat.


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